House Keeping

house keeping by Hire a Wife

"One room to a whole house, I do what you want to have done."

~ Evelyn McKenzie

Need help with House Keeping? Hire a Wife.


I start from the top down. I dust all ceilings first then go to the walls and anything hanging on the walls/clean the baseboards next. Dusting the furniture is next. Then vacuuming all floors.  

Hard floors are cleaned using the best method. For tile and stone the floor is steam cleaned/hardwood and laminates are mopped using hardwood and laminate floor cleaner or vinegar and water if the manufacturer suggests that.

I use cleaners that are good for the earth and kids and animals. Vinegar and water is used to clean most appliances in the kitchen/bath/laundry. It disinfects and is good for animals if they lick the area.

However, I do use the tools that are best for the job. If the bathroom has mold or mildew Tilex is used. Oven cleaner will be used for a really dirty oven.  

I bring my own equipment but, if a client has a product they want used I will use something that is supplied by the client.

I have been told from a client that had used cleaners for her house for 20 years that no one has ever cleaned her ceiling or walls before. I am not afraid to do what others don’t do.